Our Elected Representatives Work for Us, Not the Telecom Industry

The Telecom Industry (AT&T, Apple, Verizon, CTIA Wireless Association, etc.) exerts undue influence on our California elected officials and does not want you and your family to know the truth about the health risks from exposure to cell phone radiation.

AT&T in particular wields enormous power in Sacramento due to sponsoring lavish events for elected officials and by targeting campaign contributions to key legislators that will ensure THEIR interests are represented over the interests of the citizens of California.

The Governor and our elected officials represent US, not the telecom industry – so demand they stop making decisions that protect THEIR financial interests and start protecting the public health of California citizens.

California families have the right to know about the Department of Public Health’s Cell Phone Health advisory.

Sign the petition to Governor Brown and our State elected officials to release the suppressed Cell Phone Health Warning NOW! People have the right to know the facts about safer ways to use a phone, especially how to protect the health of children and the unborn babies of pregnant women.

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