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The Governor and your elected representatives need to hear from YOU!

Tell Governor Brown that citizens have the right to know the truth about cell phone radiation and about ways the California Department of Public Health advises them to protect themselves and their family. Urge him to direct his staff to issue a public release of the “Cell Phones and Health” advisory that was ready for distribution in 2014 but which has been suppressed due to political pressure from the wireless industry.

Protecting the public health of the citizens of California is more important than protecting the economic interests of the wireless industry!

Link to email Governor Brown:


Contact your CA State elected officials and urge them to write a letter to Governor Brown stating that the public health of the citizens of California is more important than the profits of the wireless industry. The suppressed CDPH document called “Cell Phones and Health” must be released to the public as we have the right to know the facts about the health risks from the microwave radiation exposure from cell phones as well as the CDPH’s suggestions for ways to reduce the level of exposure:


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