CDPH’s Bogus Excuse for Suppressing Their Cell Phones & Health Advisory

The excuse given for suppressing the CDPH “Cell Phones and Health” advisory is that the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a cell phone advisory to the public around the same time California was preparing to release similar guidelines, so it was no longer necessary for the State of California to do so.

However, while it is true that the CDC had issued precautionary warnings in 2015 that included the statement, “We recommend caution in cellphone use” and specifically addressed potential health risks for children – this CDC advisory only saw the light of day for 10 weeks. After public release of the advisory on the CDC website, telecom industry surrogates lobbied at the highest levels of the CDC to retract their federal public health warning and replace it with “industry-friendly” language.

Sign the petition to demand that the governor release the California Department of Public Health’s “Cell Phones & Health” advisory. California families have the right to know the facts so they can make informed choices about safer ways to use a phone, especially with respect to protecting the health of children and the unborn babies of pregnant women.

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