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Governor Brown must direct the California Department of Public Health to release the “Cell Phones and Health” advisory that was prepared after in depth research and deliberation from 2010 to 2014 – and which has been suppressed for 3 years.

California families have a right to know that their State’s Department of Public Health (CDPH) wanted them to know the facts regarding the health risks from cell phone radiation and about ways to reduce exposure when using cell phones.

When wireless radiation and health experts were alerted by a CDPH insider that “someone higher up” had suppressed release of the finalized CDPH cell phone advisory, they filed a CA Public Records request for access to the document.

Their request was denied as the State claimed this was a draft document that was not intended for public release.   After a lengthy legal battle, the Court ruled that the CDPH “Cell Phones and Health” advisory is NOT a draft document and must be released.

However, the State continues to defiantly refuse to release the document to the public.  (Read more about the back story of the suppression of this crucial public health document.)

Read the CDPH Cell Phones and Health document here.

Sign the petition to Governor Brown and our State elected officials to release the suppressed Cell Phone Health Warning NOW!

Please invite all your contacts to share this petition on Facebook. We need thousands of us demanding that our elected officials represent the public health interests of citizens over the financial profits of the telecom industry.